Types of Surveys

Want to own a company? Investigate a crime? Play with the latest technology? Find new oil resources? Help reduce our carbon footprint? You can if you are a surveyor. Surveyors work indoors and out, in the city and country, even on mountains and under water. Click to learn which path in surveying best suits you.


Surveyors use the same 3D technology as the video game and movie industries to create digital backgrounds for animations. Learn More


Surveyors made sure the railroad tracks met at the right point in Utah to form the first transcontinental railroad. Learn More


Forensic surveyors map crime scenes, industrial accidents and car collisions. Learn More


Looking for a challenging career? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, only five percent of oceans have been mapped. Learn More


The first astronauts on the moon used tools by surveyors to accurately measure the distance from the earth to the moon. Learn More

GIS Analyst

The government, especially the Department of Defense, employs many surveyors. Learn More


The exploration by famous surveyors Lewis and Clark helped to spur the development of the Wild West. Learn More


Topographic surveys help to map the “lay of the land” and show elevation lines for grading plans.  ​Learn More


Mining surveys show positions and dimensions of underground passages in the mine along with natural and artificial features. Learn More