Boundary Surveyors measure, design, retrace and map property lines.

Their job requires them to be part detective, historian, mathematician, mind reader, and puzzle worker. That’s because Land Boundary Surveyors must acquire, read, and analyze public records along with physical evidence that in many instances could date back hundreds of years.

Home buyers often hire Boundary Surveyors to mark or identify the boundaries of the property they are purchasing. It has been stated that over 70% of the World’s economy is based on land transactions.

Boundary Surveying requires knowledge in both the mathematics of surveying and land laws. When neighbors or businesses disagree about the location of property lines, Boundary Surveyors are sometimes needed in court to help resolve the conflict.

The Surveyor is a very integral part of the world’s economy, and is a very vital resource that is becoming of greater demand every day. As property values increase, so does the level of precision in measurement and accuracy of location required for boundary determination.