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Internships are a great way of gaining real working experience whether you intend to become a Professional Surveyor or a lifelong Surveying Technician.

In fact, most state licensing laws that require degrees also demand internships for Professional Land Surveyors.


Many different industries need Professional Land Surveyors. These companies include architectural firms, engineering firms, government agencies, real estate sales agencies, mining companies, and many more.

The types of surveys are as diverse as the industries that need them. Real estate agents will need surveys focusing on land boundaries, while engineers will likely require topographic information. As a result, each survey will require different methods and employ acutely more detail or advanced techniques. If you are working towards a specialized field, choose your land surveying internship accordingly.

You will have a significant amount of responsibility during your land surveying internship as you assist the professional land surveyor in obtaining data in the field, compiling that data, and creating the final plat or product at the end of the project.

Colleges often organize land surveying internships since they have connections with local businesses and government agencies. You may also contact local surveying companies yourself. If you do, make sure to send your resume and a cover letter.

Please plan ahead for your internship, as they can be limited, particularly in small towns. Begin preparing about a year before you start your internship. Mapping out your plan in detail will help you achieve your goals and secure your desired internship.

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