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Classroom Lesson Plans and Activities

Classroom Investigation: Cadastral Surveying

This classroom investigation series includes three classroom activities about cadastral surveying on public lands. Students will apply cadastral surveying knowledge, history, and techniques to their school environment.

Grades: K-8
Length: 45 minutes each

X Marks the Spot – Lesson Plan

This classroom activity teaches students how to use a compass and how to “pace” to find the hidden ‘X’ in a treasure hunt-themed game.

Grades: K-8
Length 25-50 minutes

Comparing Measurements – Lesson Plan

The classroom activity demonstrates a variety of measuring methods in order to test the accuracy of each one.

Grade: 3-8
Length: 20-30 minutes

All Around the Compass – Lesson Plan

This colorful and musical activity shows students the cardinal directions (N,E,S,W) and how to read a compass.

Grades: k-2
Length: 20 minutes

Other Resources

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