YOu should enjoy your work.

So do it outdoors and in the office while solving
challenges and using cool new technologies.

There are many fields of practice within the profession of surveying. Although it is often thought that surveying applies only to the establishment and retracement of property boundaries, surveying is actually utilized in every activity related to the ownership and development of land.

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wayne hebert - pls

I tell people that the only way they can get to know what it’s like is to spend a summer working on a crew and asking questions. You don’t have to have a degree of experience to help on a crew for a summer job. It will give you a chance to see what surveying is all about.

kelly l. miller

My first surveying class in college opened a whole world to me. I like surveying because every problem has a resolution. You just have to know how to find it.

m. greg johnson - pe & pls

Surveyors of the future will do well. Technology constantly advances in our field. Even though I’ve been a surveyor for many years, I learn something new every day.


about the technologies

Within just a few decades, the technologies utilized by Surveyors have emerged at an astonishing pace. This has not only transformed data collection and processing, but also presents the exciting opportunity for Surveyors to be on the cutting edge of technological discoveries and advancement into the future. We can only imagine what may come next! Drones, 3-Dimensional Scanners, GPS, and Digital Cameras are but a few on the current list! One can only imagine the exciting tools Surveyors will be using next.